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About Avonlea Traditions

Avonlea Traditions Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company founded in 1988. Avonlea began by developing products based on Canada's ever-popular storybook character, Anne of Green Gables™.

Since its establishment, Avonlea Traditions quickly secured a position as the world's largest distributor of products based on this famous storybook heroine and began to develop several new collections based on other themes. Building upon their strength of creating quality dolls and collectibles, the company expanded to design, produce and distribute a large range of award-winning porcelain and play dolls, stationery, antique replica doll furniture, and an assortment of other fine collectibles and giftware.

In 2003, after a decade of research, Avonlea Traditions introduced the Maplelea Girls, a line of high quality, Canadian-themed, 18” vinyl play dolls, that are "an inspiration to and a reflection of, Canadian girls from coast to coast."

In 2006 Avonlea Traditions sold its other major product lines—Anne of Green Gables dolls and giftware, RCMP dolls, and MapleNorth Dolls of Canada—to Northern Gifts Inc. in British Columbia, in order that it could focus exclusively on the Maplelea Girls.

The Maplelea Girls line has experienced rapid growth in recent years and offers an ever-increasing range of products specially designed for girls aged 6 to 12.